Friends are like wine!

by trancelestial

Unlike the “Follow” and “Forget” on #Twitter, “Add as friend” and “Remove (without his/her knowledge)” on #Facebook, friends are like wine, and truly so better; with time making the relationship tastier and expensive(to let go of).

In the recent past i have been terrible at keeping in touch with old friends, reaching out to them and multitude of them will attest this. I really do want to reach out to them, keep in touch with them, say the occasional “Hi! How are you?” thing with a beaming smile. Sure, everyone says this, but i truly would like to. This because it opens new vistas in life, strengthens relationships, builds a strong human bond between people and like wine nevertheless gives you a new high! It is a testimony to the wondrous humanity. In the end it makes you feel a better person.

Facebook and Twitter to a large extent have been my close aides in this wine tasting binge! Getting me some of my best buddies who go back 15 years. Hell! i don’t even remember some faces now. But it is a really good feeling that you get when you find them. Have personally made it a point to wish everyone on his/ her birthday and ask a tiny little “Hi! Howdy?” thing.

Around 12-15 years ago i do remember doing this exchange trip with some of my school buddies to Manipal (Karnataka, India). I stayed at a Doctor’s place; coming to think of it i don’t seem to recollect their name too and i feel miserable for this. However, i do remember that their son was of my age – Swaroop. we did visit a couple of schools during that time and spent around half a day in each of them, but made friends who i will remember for till my gray matter allows me to do so. We all did keep in touch for a year or two, exchanging greetings for festive occasions, birthdays etc. but Life has this hard task of getting you busy in its own scheme of things and forbade us to speak to each other. All those wonderful relationships were snapped. I for one am desperately trying to get these people on Facebook/ Twitter and hope to do so one day.

Here is a mathematical set theory illustration of the Friend and Wine analogy…

The Intersection of Friend Set and Wine Set

This apart some friends whom i constantly keep touch with make my life easier; having fun, lending an ear to my troubles and giving me the comforting feeling that these are people whom i can count on, who will be there for me and that is a wondrous feeling.

That said, I am not going to go back and hunt down each of my classmates, batch mates, but there are people i have met who have left me fascinated, amazed, happy and i have this deep desire to re-connect with them. And i am guessing that they are going to feel good on doing so to. Just looking around (the web) and the numerous means it has to bring people closer, I am excited that there is going to be a dozen or so ways to find friends and gel up with them. The association should not necessarily be about expensive gifts or some such thing; it can be about small things, the one’s that really matter – sharing memories, ideas, thoughts and love?

God bless…