10 Childhood Things Twitter Reminds Me Of!

by trancelestial

It so happens that the tiny little bird inspired people of the world to do one thing the human mind was pre-programmed to go – “SHARE” and show to the world – “YOU CARE WHEN YOU SHARE!”. Something so simple as 140 character long message would unite people across latitudes and longitudes was a situation no one had envisaged; the true power underlying the internet/ web was unleashed here with people from all facets of life came together on a single platform to share.

As I blog here, I tweet around and the vastness of it is yet to sink in; I guess it never will…but then are a few things in twitter that i can associate with the mesmerizing years of my childhood…

  1. Twitter – the name arguably sounds to me like what we were called in class – chatter boxes; and they rhyme too – twitter-chatter!
  2. Following – Following a ascetic or a saint of religious order
  3. Followers – I feel exactly like the above
  4. RT or Re-Tweet – is so much like the “Pass the message” game we used to play; sitting in a circle a; a message would initiate from one of us by whispering it to the neighbouring person’s ear – needed to come a full circle intact with out any mix-up/ mistake; the one participant who would commit this mistake would be eliminated from the game – this is wonderfully similar, except that there are no eliminations.
  5. Lists – They sound so much like the small width-long pieces of paper (there is a version here but an online copy) which had the list of essential provisions; a twitter list is so much similar – there are only the people who mean a lot to you in that list; not just everyone
  6. Avatar – This is the most memorable one; who doesn’t remember the different avatar’s or incarnations of Lord Vishnu – the ten avatars – Dashavatar!
  7. Bio – the yellow pre-formatted Bio-data application form available in all stationary shops!! (trying to get a link to this)
  8. @ Handle – this literally reminds me of the pressure cooker handle; am still trying to figure out why! :-/ leaves me stumped!
  9. The @ – was a frivolous symbol appearing over the numeral “2” on the keyboard; now being used about hundred times a day; it was non-existent.
  10. Direct message or DM – the wonderful Yellow Postcards that we used to write letters to our pen-pals or family members!!